What Makes a Quality Pool Table?


Olhausen purchases its lumber from the Northeastern US where “slow growth” trees have tighter grains.

Tighter grains mean minimal discoloring. Because we ship thousands of pool tables all over the world, we also cure and process our hardwood lumber to remain stable in any climate.


We use 1” three-piece, oversized slate on all our pool tables. Each piece is checked and rechecked at our factory for flatness and proper bolt-hole locations. The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) recognizes 1″ slate as the most accurate slate available.

Note: Another very common misconception is that 1-pc. Slate pool tables are better than 3-pc. slate pool tables because there are no seams. In all reality, it’s exactly the opposite.

A one-piece slate pool table consists of a standard frame design and typically four legs. The only adjustment points for leveling is the legs. Depending on the type of leg, the pool table will either have to be leveled by placing shims under the legs or with turn feet, which are normally found on the commercial style, coin-operated one-piece slate pool tables. Over time, a 1-pc. slate pool table tends to sag in the middle due to all the weight and there is no way to adjust it thus causing the balls to roll towards the center of the table sometimes to the point where the table is no longer playable and not enjoyable by anyone.


The frame of each pool table is designed by craftsmen who hand-fit and meticulously sand the pool tables to perfection. We use a special slate liner framing that ensures quieter play and reduces the stress on the slate. We bolt through the liner to eliminate vibrations that can cause the rail bolts to loosen.


Uniliner® construction is what gives Olhausen tables their superior strength. Olhausen frames were tested by Weyerhaeuser International Laboratories in Seattle, WA. Olhausen’s unique construction methods created frames that withstood pressures that exceeded 25,000 lbs. (12 tons)!

The Uniliner® ties the frame together as well as providing an increased slate support area. This additional frame component also decreases the amount of shimming required during the leveling process resulting in a faster and more accurate installation. By requiring fewer shims, the table tends to stay in level longer.


Not all 100% pure rubber cushions are created equal. Cheap fillers have been used on billiard cushions for years. However, Olhausen makes our cushions from 100% gum rubber. Our premium-quality rubber is processed with proprietary chemicals and pigments that make it the highest grade possible. To prevent the tendency of rubber to revert to its natural soft sate, we also use a special “anti-reversion” chemical. For optimal performance, our Accu-fast® cushions comply with a true K-66 face profile, which as been the standard of the industry for nearly a century. We are so confident in the quality and playability of our Accu-Fast® cushions, that we give a lifetime warranty on them.


Being American made is more than just an origin, it is a promise of quality. For Olhausen, it means the table and components are produced right here in the USA. We mill, assemble, sand, finish, and package each piece at our 250,000 square foot facility in Portland, TN.  With over 600,000 pool tables manufactured and shipped in our 50+ years in business, we certainly know the value of what it means to be committed to American made.

Over the years, the “Made in America” stamp has become a rarity in our market. Instead of being the standard, American made products are truly set apart from the competition. It’s a gold standard that promises quality you can trust and ensures peace of mind. Most importantly, it means your table was made by a strong, capable, and hardworking American, just like you.

While it may be easier and cheaper to send things overseas, that distance creates a loss in oversight and quality that is hard to overcome. As time has passed, many of our competitors have chosen to do this, and it really shows. Olhausen does not do things cheaply, we do things right.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Olhausen Pool Tables are known worldwide for being the Best in Billiards!
Those that want the best to know where to find it!