Table Design

Designing your perfect game room is not an easy task. What do I put in it? Pool table, shuffleboard, foosball, air powered hockey, theater, card tables, pinball. How much space do I have and how much do I need?

We have provided a room measuring chart for your pool table which is the most space demanding of the possible games for your game room. Shuffleboards can easily fit along a wall or behind a sofa and are played from each end. Similarly Air powered hockey and foosball do not require much space to play. When designing a game room select the games that are the most important and build from there.

Typically a Pool table is the center of activity in most game rooms. From there you can plan the remaining space. Have an empty wall? Perfect place for shuffleboard. You can also save wall space by ordering your table with a hidden storage drawer which adds space and also saves your walls from cue chalk marks.

Now that you have more wall space you can add a foosball table or a pinball machine. Just remember daylight will prematurely age your games playing surface so be careful to avoid the damaging rays of the sun in designing your room.

Plan your game room for adults and children of all ages and your game room will grow with your family and friends as well as your children’s friends.

Need help, just ask your local Olhausen dealer and they will be happy to assist your in space planning your game room to insure it is properly organized to maximize your enjoyment.

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