Room Size Specifications

How to Select the Right Size Olhausen Pool Table

In addition to the design and the quality of materials used for construction, knowing the size of your pool table is essential. An Olhausen pool table provides you with size options ensuring that you can play pool in the most comfortable way possible.

Most Popular Pool Table Sizes

Before making any decisions, consider several factors. Are you playing pool professionally or for leisure? Will the table get used by adults or children? How you will use the pool table will help determine your preferred size.

Standard pool table sizes in most homes are 8′ tables. Consider 4′ x 8′ as the professional size. We recommend opting for a larger table if the room is spacious enough to accommodate it and store your other Olhausen pool accessories. Different sizes, such as the 7′ tables (known as bar size) are better suited for smaller rooms and casual players.

To learn more about pool table specifications, look at the chart below and use it as a guide to match your room’s optimal pool table dimensions. (download printable PDF)