Tournament Series


Grand Champion III


Play the game like a pro on an Olhausen Tournament Series Pool Table

Olhausen pool tables are the perfect option for any serious player looking to take their game to the next level. As a leading manufacturer of pool tables in the US, we offer a wide range of designs, including the best of the Olhausen Tournament Series.

Designed for professionals, the Tournament Series line of pool tables are crafted right here in the USA. From sponsored television professionals to inspiring pool sharks, Olhausen Tournament Series tables have been played on in competitive games around the world. As Olhausen’s official line of tournament tables, these models offer a style available to those ready to pursue their gameplay to a higher level.

Some of the other notable features of Olhausen Tournament Series pool table include:

  • Official regulation sizes available for tournament play
  • Olhausen’s patented Accu-Fast Cushions
  • Available in all Olhausen Laminate colors
  • Top quality Brazilian 3 piece slate
  • Apron stickers available upon request!

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